Case scenario 2

This is 8 years old male patient who was a student and sustain falling down injury 3 years back and injured to his right leg. At that time, he was taken to traditional bone setters, get massaged and bamboo splint was applied. After couple of weeks, he developed wet gangrene due to the tight bamboo splint and through knee amputation was done, stayed in hospital for long time and discharged, and then he was ambulating with the help of elbow crutches.  Now, after 3 years, he again sustains falling down injury to his left leg. For this complaint, his family took him to traditional bone setters for second time due to lack of money for hospitalization and they applied bamboo splint for 6 weeks. Then he brought to our hospital for the complaint of difficult of weight bearing on it and progressive deformity at the mid of the leg. The x-ray shows posttraumatic left Tibial pseudarthrosis for which he was admitted and operation was done. Now, he is on his 4th month in which he start to weight bear on it and walk with bilateral elbow crutches. He can fit for prosthesis for the right through knee amputation, but due to the cost and unavailability of appropriate prosthesis, he is still using crutches.

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