Case Scenario 5

A 32 years old male patient who sustain road traffic injury 5 months back to his left forearm which was closed injury. Then he was taken to traditional bone setters where bamboo splint was applied for 4 weeks. Then the traditional bone setters tell him as it is healed and he start to move it and he was hoping as it will be united with time. But he didn’t get things as he think, rather he starts to have abnormal movement (flexion and extension like joint) to the mid of forearm. Then he presented to clinic and her x-ray shows atrophic nonunion at the distal radioulnar shaft. In addition to the nonunion, he also has severe osteoporosis of the bone due to repetitive massage and disuse. He was operative, but his bone was very fragile to hold screw and doesn’t give strong purchase. It significantly affect the stability of the construct and rehabilitation will be very delayed with unpredictable outcome.

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