The Ethiopian BOSAD study becomes expanded to Gambia, A West African

Since the practice of traditional bone setting is uniformly common throughout Africa and most of the Asian country, it is important to have well designed study to look utilisation of traditional bone setter in the safe way for Musculoskeletal (MSK) injury management.

In order to provide safe, affordable and accessible MSK injury care, it is important to undertake national and/or international study to see the global picture of the problem.  That is why the Ethiopian BOSAD study is expanded to another African country to see the similarity and difference of the practice and magnitude of associated complications. At the end of this study at these two countries, the result will be crucial in designing scope of practice preparation for bone setters, provide safe care for MSK injury patients and integration of the traditional bone setter’s care with the primary health care providers.

The AO Alliance who is funding this BOSAD study in both countries create the collaboration platform among the Ethiopian BOSAD team and the Gambian team. Then, the Gambian team were happy to come to Ethiopia and trained about the BOSAD study. The two Gambian data collectors come earlier and stay for two weeks at Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital (March 16th to 30th) and the two Orthopedic surgeons (Drs. Diouf Mariama & Musa Kah), who are leading the BOSAD study in Gambia, were stayed at Hawassa for 3 days (March 27th to 30th) for experience sharing. During their stay, the BOSAD study protocol, objective of the study, phase of the study, study participants and expected outcome were discussed in detail. The data collection tools (both the hard copy and the BOSAD study website) were discussed and multiple practical sessions on the website specifically how to navigate and control the data quality were undertaken. Finally, all the necessary documents were shared to the Gambian team and concluded with sharing the collaboration agreement. This collaboration is believed to be the milestone for other African countries to collaborate with us on this BOSAD study to bring continent based trauma care improvement for MSK victims.

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  1. Mengistu G Mengesha

    It is our privilege’s to have our colleagues from Gambia here in Hawassa, Ethiopia. I hope other African country will join us soon on this BOSAD study to alleviate our common problem by conducting common problem solving study.

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