BOSAD national multicenter anthropologic study is officially launched on May 03, 2022 at Ethiopia Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

BOSAD STUDY anthropologic study team training

The BOSAD anthropologic study is launched on May 03, 2022 after giving full day training for the qualitative study data collectors at Ethiopia Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  The training was given by Professor Fentie Ambaw (PI of BOSAD anthropologic Study) and Dr. Mengistu Gebreyohanes Mengesha (Overall BOSAD study PI). Dr. Mengistu addressed the overall aim of the BOSAD study, the motivation behind the study, general objectives and the three phases of the study. As he tried to mention, most of the study done in our country closed once the study result get published. But this study will have one year of implementation and another 12 months for post implementation impact assessment which will make this study novel in its kind.

Prof. Fentie, PI of this BOSAD qualitative study, extensively address the objectives of this particular study, how to systematically reaching participants, methods of building relationship with the study groups, how to conduct effective Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and In-depth interviews. He presented tips and tricks in the management of field decisions like evolving questions, flexibility, deciding data saturation and how to expand the field notes. The training also addresses way of reviewing audio recordings with filed notes; method and indications of data triangulation; labelling of audios, pictures and filed notes; way of data transcription, ethics and conceptual translation of transcript with local examples. To internalize the training, there were role play on FGD and all the tools were discussed line by line.

Finally, the training was concluded by sharing the materials needed for the data collection including voice recorder and the filed manual; and the closing remark was given by Dr. Mengistu addressing the official launching of this qualitative study starting from May 03, 2022 and way forward of BOSAD study.

 This study is one of the three big studies under the umbrella BOSAD national multicenter study and it will be conducted at 10 selected centers (8 centers from 6 regions and 2 City administration- Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa) throughout the country. It will be very crucial in providing important insights on the utilization, scope, safety and integration of the traditional bone setting care for MSK injury with the modern orthopaedic care. The five specific objectives which will be addressed with this study are:

  1. To explore how people with musculoskeletal problems decided where to seek care
  2. To identify the current scope of traditional bone setting practice in the country
  3. To explore the extent to which TBS practitioners are aware of associated complications, service gaps, and training needs
  4. To explore the perception of modern orthopedic care practitioners and primary care workers about the practices of TBS
  5. To explore the expectations of TBS practitioners, modern orthopedic care providers, primary health care workers, and health managers about the possibility of integrating traditional and modern orthopedic care

In order to achieve these objectives, the data will be collected by experienced qualitative study experts from all the stakeholders including Patients /service users, traditional bone setters, Health professionals, Health extension workers, Health center staffs (OPD), Orthopedic surgeons, Health managers, associations leader (both orthopedic surgeon and traditional medicine or bone setters) This study is being conducted with team of researchers’ from BOSAD national study team lead, AO Alliance, Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MOH), and experienced researchers from different Universities in the country.

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