Case scenario 8

A 16 years old female adolescent come from one of rural area after she sustain falling down injury of 2 years back. After she sustain the trauma, her families took her to different traditional bone setters where she got massaged many times and tight dressing was applied. After 5 months of repeated traditional dressing by the traditional bone setters, her family took her to another traditional bone setter since she couldn’t get cured of her problem. Then the second traditional bone setter removed the initial traditional dressing and he decide to insert goat bone (Animal bone) in to the fracture site of the patient as a bone graft since he found gap during his massage. After he insert the goat bone into the right upper humeral fracture site, he sends her back to her home. The patient suffers with pain for around one year and finally she presented to our hospital. Her x-ray shows as she has chronic osteomyelitis with foreign body, and the foreign body (Goat bone) was removed from her arm and managed accordingly with surgery and IV antibiotics. Luckily, she is survived from life and limb threatening complication of the never attempt trial of goat bone transfer into the human being.

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